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Nutrition - Nutrition for Kids



Staying Healthy

Teaches kids how to take care of their body, eat healthy, and stay fit.


Kids Food CyberClub

This is the place for good food fun. There are fun activities in each section of the Kids Food Cyber Club.


The Fruit Pages

For a comprehensive look at fruit and human nutrition. Nutrition charts, losing weight and all the information about the fruits from A to Z.


Cow & Gate

Offers useful tips and advice on breastfeeding, pregnancy and other related topics.


No Bones About It!

A site designed to teach children 9 to 14 how to eat healthy through fun and games, include recipes and links to other nutrition resources.


SMA Nutrition

Infant nutrition information from SMA, the UK and Irelands leading supplier of baby formula and infant milks.


Food for Tots

Everything you need to know about feeding your preschool child. Recipes, cooking tips, nutrition and food safety information.


Nutrition Explorations

With the theme of Eating Smart and Growing Strong, the site provides fun and easy activities, related links and other resources that educators can use to teach children about nutritious foods and a healthy diet.


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